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Providing strategic accompaniment along the way

Major New Catholic Research Report Launched

In 2009 the partners of Camino House and other youth ministry practitioners commissioned a detailed study into the lives, concerns, beliefs and faith practices of young Catholics. To mark and inform the 2018 Catholic Synod for Youth, Faith and Vocational Discernment, Camino House have accompanied CYMFed to track elements of the 2009 study, and update and revise it, to provide a realistic and timely snapshot of contemporary young Catholics in England and Wales, as well as to provide a comparison over time.

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Accompaniment along the way

Camino House brings together the experience and skills of three experienced charity and faith sector leaders. We offer not for profit and faith based organisations a unique combination of services and insights to help support their mission. 

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GoVERNANCE & Leadership

Alongside facilitating governance and leadership reviews, we support you to implement your agreed outcomes, strengthening the structure that delivers your mission, and offering ongoing coaching and support.


Having led national and local research projects we offer accompaniment in identifying how robust research and analysis can help you understand your mission and how to strengthen your service delivery, reach and impact. 


When accompanying you to form your strategic plans we combine a facilitative approach with robust analysis of the current situation and future need. We ensure all of your key stakeholders are of one mind for your future direction.


External, neutral facilitation is often invaluable in the life of a project or organisation. It frees up all the key players to be wholly invested in the content, withou worrying about method and process. Our approach accompanies you to discover how best to move forward – removing any obstacles and helping to ensure the best possible outcome.



We offer the facilitation skills, insight, consultative and management experience to accompany you on every step of the way of an organisation wide review, from determining the scope to guiding you through to completion. 


We help you to clarify exactly what difference you seek to make and how you can best communicate your message to the people who can support you in your mission.  



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