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The origins of this research date back to 2009, when a group of youth ministry practitioners commissioned a detailed study into the lives, concerns, beliefs and faith practices of young Catholics. To mark and inform the 2018 Catholic Synod for Youth, Faith and Vocational Discernment, elements of the original 2009 online study were tracked, updated and revised to provide a realistic and timely snapshot of contemporary young Catholics in England and Wales, as well as to provide a comparison over time. 

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‘A Detailed Typology’ is designed to help you apply insights from the ‘Complex Catholicism’ research. This tool describes 12 ‘types’ or characters who symbolise major groups of young people and young adults found through the research. Picturing these young people - their preferences, hopes, aspirations, beliefs and behaviours - can be a really powerful way of extending your knowledge about the young people you’re already in contact with, and expanding your horizons to encompass those you’re not in touch with yet! 

Data Tables for 'Complex Catholicism'

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