Camino House


Support for your mission

GoVERNANCE & Leadership

Offering insight into the most appropriate and effective governance and leadership structures to support the impact your organisation is seeking to make.

Alongside facilitating governance and leadership reviews, we offer consultation on implementing your agreed outcomes, often as part of a wider strategic plan.


Whole organisational reviews are needed from time to time. Our unique combination offers the facilitation skills, insight, consultative and management experience to accompany you on every step of the way, from determining the scope and aim of the review, to designing the process with you, and guiding you through to completion. 



Bringing together a wide range of experience and skills in the strategic elements of charity and faith based work, we will accompany you in developing your overall strategic direction. Combining a facilitative approach with robust analysis of the current situation and future need, we help ensure all of your key stakeholders – from staff, to beneficiaries and donors – are of one mind for your future plans.


Having led national and local research projects we offer accompaniment in identifying, commissioning and/or conducting robust research. Our expert analysis can help you understand the insights and implications for your particular mission and how to strengthen your service delivery, reach and impact. 


External, neutral facilitation is often invaluable at specific points in the life of a project or organisation. It frees up all the key players to be wholly invested in the content, without worrying about method and process. Good facilitation is both an art and a science, and our approach brings both aspects to whatever your organisation or project needs to move forward – removing obstacles and helping to ensure the best possible outcome.


We will help you to clarify exactly what difference you seek to make and how you can best communicate your message to the people who can support you in your mission.  This is often linked to robust research and analysis of your work, audiences and potential communication messages.